Monday, June 19, 2017

Max Volume Silence Live Patreon

As you may know, everything here on Max Volume Silence Live (or Pit Full of Shit as we used to call it) is free, but at the same time everything costs money to make. Throughout the years, the financial burden has become heavier and heavier for me from upgrading the gears, maintenance, repairs, storage, traveling, etc, since I've been paying most of these costs out of my own pocket. And it made me realize I need to find a way to cover some if not all of these expenses, or it will be impossible to continue in the long run.
That's why I started a Patreon page, it's a crowdfunding platform for creators or artists to raise money for their works. From as little as $12 a year you can help me keeping Max Volume Silence Live alive and I can keep making videos for you! There will be some Patreon exclusive content, I may talk about my gears, and my experience making these videos and such. I also made some DIY patches and pins for those of you who decide to pledge a bit more.
Thank you and share the words!